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Included with Stopforeclosure.com, Soldin9days.com and Gold Plan sites are our FREE time-tested marketing tools. Which include:

Pre-Written Ebooks

We provide these two eBooks that can be customized with your contact information and added to your site. Viewer must first fill out the information form in order to receive eBooks.

Real Estate Investor ebook Marketing Tool Real Estate Investor ebook Marketing Tool


An automated response sent by email to the person who fills out a form on your website. Used as e-mail marketing tools that immediately provide information to prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals.

Telephone Scripts

Sample scripts that you can use with your answering system or service.

Television Commercials

Currently we have two different television commercials for real estate investors. One targeted at pre-foreclosures and the second is a broader based "Sell Your House Fast" commercial.

Radio Commercials

Examples of Radio Spots that have been developed for real estate investors interested in using the power of radio to find motivated sellers.


Eighteen examples that you are FREE to use.

Our EXCLUSIVE Four Point Internet Marketing Program

Contains additional steps that you can take to help your website excel. Itís extremely simple and can be implemented with very little, if any, cost over what you are doing now. Although it can be fully implemented with very little cost, it does require Ďsomeí effort. ITíS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR WEBSITE WILL ONLY WORK AS HARD AS YOU DO!!