Television Commercials for Real Estate Investors

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All affiliate and Gold Plan customers are entitled to free use of our pre-produced television commercials*.  Currently we have two different television commercials for real estate investors. One targeted at pre-foreclosures and the second is a broader based "Sell Your House Fast" commercial.

The cost for an investor to produce his or her own television commercial is astronomical, but now as an customer you can take advantage of the work that we have already done by using a pre-made television commercial that is customized with your information.

We will be producing more television commercials for real estate investors in the future based on customer feedback.  If you are a current customer and you have ideas you would like to see implemented than please contact us.

All of our television commercials can be easily modified with your personal contact information.  The websites and phone numbers shown on the examples below are only for illustrative purposes.

These examples are low-res and therefore not the greatest in quality, but the high-res versions would take a very long time to download. The actual television commercials you would be provided are hi-res and high quality.

Commercials are available in both thirty and fifteen second versions and they all have matching radio spots.

Note: Video samples are compressed for broadband only. Dialups may have to right-click and "save target as" to view. Download times will vary depending on size of file and connection speed. If you have problems viewing you may need to download Windows Media Player

Stop Foreclosure Television Commercial - 30 Second Sell Your House Fast Television Commercial - 30 Second
Stop Foreclosure
30 Second
Sell Your House Fast
30 Second
Stop Foreclosure Television Commercial - 15 Second Sell Your House Fast Television Commercial - 15 Second
Stop Foreclosure
15 Second
Sell Your House Fast
15 Second

Order Customized Television Commercials for Your Real Estate Business Click Here to Order Customized Television Commercials

WARNING - COPYRIGHT PROTECTED These television commercials and the script contained therein are properly registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Using our material without paying for it is not only unethical, but will make you liable for statutory damages up to $150,000 plus our attorney's fees and all court costs.  We will enforce our rights under the law.  More Info

* Commercials are only available to current customers. does not provide air time for commercials.  Customer will be responsible for media placement.  Customer will be responsible for customization charges.  Other restrictions and costs may apply.  Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice. Contact us for complete details on use of commercials, availability, limited license etc.