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Our Customers Speak for Themselves

We had purchased the InvestorPro website package and had it posted it on the web. We were about to expand into a new market and needed a few changes. I detailed them and sent them in an email to support and had a call back within an hour! They confirmed what I needed and made the changes quickly. This was, by far, the best customer service experience that I have had with any technology company. It's like having a family member in the business!

Thank you for everything!
Fred Fink

By far.....a ton better than the "other guy", he is all talk and no action and InvestorPro backs up there awesome websites and walks you through every step of the way before you even sign on with them. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I would definitely recommend InvestorPro to anyone looking for a great Real Estate Investor website.

Thanks again
Rick Sorenson

Just wanted to say thanks for such a great website! You guys have been very responsive to all of my questions and support issues to get it up and running exactly the way I wanted it. Since the launch, I have implemented a Google Adwords campaign to generate traffic and have had more than one prospect tell me they liked the site and filled out my forms over competitors based on the site's professional look. I have one deal under contract after only two weeks online. Thank you again!

I do like the way you do the back office demos. I know that a lot of companies and people try to automate everything and I'm sure you could produce a video showing all of the demo features, however, I think adding a personal touch with a human really is a plus. Knowing there are real people standing behind your products and company made me feel better about starting.

Thank you,
Mitch Sheean

InvestorPro with Vicki and her team are wonderful to work with. The product they put together is awesome, because they understand not only web design and technology, but our business of REI. They go the extra mile and provide superb and personal customer service. I couldn't be happier with mine!

Gena Horiatis
Victory Ventures, Inc.

I first tried using a local web developer to build a website for my business. After taking my money and never completing the job, I was left discouraged and pushed the website idea to the side. After months went by, I found myself sharing my bad story with a business friend and he recommended I try a company called “Investor Pro.” They completely turned around my web site experience. Their customer service was so exceptional I was honestly taken back. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I highly recommend their company and services! Thank you Investor Pro!

J.T. Jakubowski
Rural Landtracts

Ben Legg

If you are an investor who is looking for an online back office/database and you want to build an online presence to automate your business you don’t need to look any further.

I have tried other companies and have talked with countless people about other databases and websites and Investorpro is the BEST hands down. Nick and Mark at Investorpro are truly here to help you and listen to what your needs are for YOUR business.

What I found with other companies was a very set process with no flexibility. With Investorpro you will have the flexibility to customize your database and your websites to your business and what works best for you. There are so many ways to invest in real estate you need a company that is committed to helping you build a system around your business.

I just want to thank Investorpro and both Nick and Mark for all of their help.

-Ben Legg (Charlottesville, Va)

I wanted to take the time to write you a quick thank-you for not only providing a great website that I'm always getting compliments on, but even more important to me, the AWESOME service and response time from your support department!

Far to often in today's business work, companies are selling a product, and it just does not matter how good the product is, if there is no one there when something goes wrong, you are left with a product you just can't use!

Not the case with Investor Pro, they are fast, friendly, and really help you get the most out of your website so you can actually make some money with it!

Keep up the outstanding work!

Rob Russell
KR Enterprises
"Honesty and Integrity in Real Estate"


I wanted to drop you a quick note to compliment you on your great staff.

For the last few months I have been working more with Kyle, Mark and Nate and they’ve really gone above and beyond to help us with getting more out of our sites (primarily the selling site) at a time when business has been really tough. Having worked in sales at a web company in a past life, I know what it’s like for the tech guys to deal customers with lots of questions, but they’ve been great and have taught me a lot. I know other investors do not speak as highly of their website providers.

Keep up the great work!

Best regards,
JW Schmidt
Newnan, GA

I am writing this letter to simply say thank you for designing a great site for investors like myself. Where do I begin, well the house I live in I bought thru a seller who was at work and could not make personal calls so after seeing my website in the online Las Vegas Review Journal our largest newspaper with my domain attached to my We Buy Houses ad, she clicked it and I bought the place for 305k, subject to with 5k down and took over payments, the house is worth 350k. That's 45k equity! Thank you InvestorPro.

I have have bought about 4 houses from motivated sellers who have used the newspaper online to look for investors. Bought about another 4 houses from having my website on my mailers. I have lost track but seems I bought about 10-15 houses the past two years since I have had the site. I have bought several more, but primarily due to the fact that the seller can visit my website, investigate me then email me thru the Sellers Response Form you designed. The key for websites is to add it to print ads, thats a great way to get traffic to your site, to buy houses.

Had a retired editor call me yesterday and said I read your whole website and did not find one error (grammatical) in it, and I dont know who designed and wrote it, but it is fantastic. He got my website from my print advertising. Oh, plus he gave me two leads to buy some fixers.

Daily; sellers, business, and regular folks respond to my website precisely like that. I have forgotten how powerful it is and have taken it for granted nowadays! I have new investors who do not have websites but who wholesale houses to me, use my website to add creditability to themselves stating that this is my partners website.

When I was a new investor Lynn, some 2 short years ago, I wrestled with the writing a check for the initial and monthly investment to get it set up, (I bought your top of the line/Gold Site.) That was 110 houses ago! And I am glad I did, and would recommend it to any new investor. I researched and researched and realized that a professional website was invaluable, in fact a necessary tool as an investor.

I put my domain on all my mailers, advertising, email signatures, car signs you name it, my website is there.

The support service is also excellent. There has not been one thing, my company has requested which support service could not do. It is done quickly without complaining, contemplating, or anything of the sort. When I need additions or changes its as easy as emailing the changes to InvestorPro.com then support sends me a confirming email that they received my request, then another when changes are completed. Next day I check my site and bang its done. Very very nice! Your support team is highly trained, efficient, and friendly, what a nice breath of fresh air. To have service like that. Again, just wanted to say thanks for all you have done for my business.

Bill Guerra (Bill in Vegas)

It’s extremely rare that I even consider so openly endorsing anyone or any product when it comes to creative real estate; until now! I do have to give 10 thumbs up for bona fide real estate investor web-sites designed through InvestorPro.com. I have personally written marketing materials for other investors and teach at seminars and real estate clubs, and quite frankly even at the sake of comparing my personal systems I have to be totally honest and state that InvestorPro.com has been the most cost effective lead generator I have ever seen, witnessed, or known of…..and folks, I’ve done it all too!

These web-site systems designed by InvestorPro.com are the most professional and functionally applicable sites I’ve seen, but the best part yet is that they are ALL about marketing and getting you front and center of deals. In addition, they are and can be tailor made for you. You want examples? How about within TWO WEEKS of having my site up and going that I’ve closed on two subject-to deals and one tremendous short-sale deal that will net me $40,000-$50,000 after I retail it? It’s almost embarrassing to state how easy real estate investing has become for me with my InvestorPro.com site since all I do is field calls and e-mails of motivated sellers.

Whatever the investment cost to purchase true marketing sites through InvestorPro.com is worth it. If you’re an investor buying and selling houses AND you are reading this then simply stop what you’re doing and contact InvestorPro.com now and get your site up and going no matter what it takes and even if you already have an existing site. Continue doing what you’re doing in real estate, or make a commitment to take your business to the next level and beyond with InvestorPro.com

Scott Rister
Author of...
“Find All The Motivated Sellers You Can Handle!”
“Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses!”
“The Probate Profit Machine!”

Wow this web sight is great ! Within 3 days I got my first house, from the first person who sent me an e-mail and filled out the sellers form, from the web sight. I've had 3 offers and accepted one, and we are just waiting bank approval. Stacey and her husband Mike where elated to have this much action so fast and , I signed it up on a Dollar down option. Plus the kicker to this was that Stacey's grandmother wanted to sell her 2,400 square foot home because it was, by far, too big for her. It appraised for $ 167,000.00 and she was very motivated to move before winter. (If you lived in Ohio you'd know why!) To make a long story short, I bought it for $125,000 and sold it within 7 days for $157,700. With that profit I can afford to pay for my website for the next 57 years. Anyway Lynn as you can tell I'm absolutely thrilled that you allowed me the opportunity to use your website, it's fantastic, and so are you for all of your support. I sincerely do not know how I could ever repay you.

Again thanks a Million!!! Your friend always,
Jay Walker
Realty Quest, LLC

"Unbelievable! Within 12 hours of signing up to be an affiliate with Lynn, he had a "web-site under construction" page that provided my name and phone number on-line. (And the only reason that was up instead of the real pages was because I asked him to hold off on the real pages until I could send him a few changes.) Then, 30 hours after that, I got my first call from a motivated seller! In less than 48 hours after I signed up as an affiliate, I got my first lead!"

Dean Self
SRE Properties, LLC

You have made a very professional website and it will make an excellent enhancement to any Real Estate Investor. Great Job!

Brandon Crockett
Midwest Property Solutions

I have been in sales and customer service for more than 40 years. It is still very gratifying to receive the service and quality of product that I have received from InvestorPro. I have had a real estate website for 2 years and I thought it was ok. Investorpro has taken me to another level all in the space of a few days.

Despite the problems of distance and subtle language differences Lynn and his team have been extremely patient with my limited computer skills and have built me a website that I am certain will take my business to the next level.

I heartily recommend InvestorPro to any serious real estate investor anywhere in the world.

Kind regards,
John Ellerm
Christchurch Property Solutions Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand

I think the site is GREAT. Instant credibility. This is the best real estate site on the market. thin 24 hours of becoming an affiliate member my phone started ringing. In fact, it looks like I'm going to buy 2 houses from the first call I took. Expected profit 35K. How's that for a return on investment. The best part of this is that I haven't even started marketing the site.

Don DeRosa

As I said on the phone this afternoon, your website has proven to be the most productive use of my marketing dollars. In tracking my efforts versus my results, the data showed that your website was producing higher quality leads than my other strategies. And that means more deals! Actually, I realized that you were producing the best of all my methods-with less effort and far less cost!

Thank you,
Linda Zeigler

Thanks for setting both of my websites. When I initially considered getting a website, price was the main consideration. I initially decided to go the cheap route and design my own on o.com. That was short lived. However, I soon realized that the function of a website is ever changing.

I didn't fully appreciate the InvestorPro.com services until about the 2nd month as I had minor (but frequent) changes. All of which have been handled within 24 hours each and every time.

Finally, did I tell you that I have received compliments on my (our) site from other real estate professionals?

Thanks for continually doing what you originally promised.

Charles Schneider
Fresno, CA

I want to start by saying that we live in a world that people tend to only speak their mind when things don't go their way, or they've been offended, or when someone else did not do a good job. I just want to say thank you to you and your staff for an incredible job well done. But that goes beyond the site...the customer service was 1st class. Charlie, in particular, showed a lot of patience and concern with and for my changes. You have a very satisfied customer! And you can quote me on that!!!!

Tony Gonzalez
Cornerstone Real Estate Group, LLC

WOW!!!!! This is unbelievable. more than I could have ever hoped for! You guys are awesome! Charlie - thank you for making our site "ours", you are the "tech man"!!!!

Lynn - I am still SUPER impressed with InvestorPro - you guys really understand the meaning of customer service.

You will have our business for LIFE!!

Thanks again!
Denise Davis

I am a full time real estate investor, my partners and I had a website before we heard about InvestorPro websites. I just want to say that aside from having awesome sites to chose from, no other web company that I know of can come anywhere near the customer service that the investorpro team provides. They are very responsive to our needs and always a pleasure to speak with.

Keep up the good work guys!!!!!
Matthew Wells
Gulf Coast House Buyers
Gulfport, MS

To whom it may concern,

InvestorPro has been an unbelievable asset to my business! Homeowners and investors tell me all the time that my website looks very professional. One of the best things I like about InvestorPro is the staff. They are very courteous and they really have it together! When I want to make a change or two or a lot more, they have it done within a day or so. Sometimes they have had it done in just hours! This is the biggest reason why I tell real estate investors to go with InvestorPro. Don't get into a relationship with a half-a%#ed so called "web master". Go with InvestorPro the first time and you'll thank me for it later.

Justin Allen
Biloxi, MS


The InvestorPro website and business management system provides great value compared to others that cost much more.........provides a flexible system that is constantly evolving to improve your online presence and capabilities. Customer service is second to none. I really enjoy my interactions with real, down-to-earth, friendly staff who are knowledgeable and always there to lend a helping hand - a superb group of people to work with!

Bill Watkins
Help-U-Homes, LLC

Fantastic! I would like to thank you guys for such great service! You have provided me with everything I needed when I need it. You can't ask for anything better than that!

Darryl Grier
Grier Enterprise, LLC

Investorpro is unlike any other website builder or host iv ever experienced or heard of. They really listen to your needs and they get the job done faster than you can blink.the custormer service is excellent. It helps my business capture leads, saves me time by my clients being able to fill apps.ect any changes I request are done in seconds feels like! or even give me advice on things from my site. Investor pro you are great!

Timothy Green CEO

Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to mention the super job you and your support team have done on my website. The service is super fast to anything I have EVER been in contact with. I have hosted a website with three other providers. Nothing can even come close to the way you people service your customers.

I commend you and the support staff on a job very well done. I thank-you immensely

Peter Leger

Hi Lynn:

Just a short note to let you know how the Hernando Home Buyers website is doing.

November Purchases:

1. 29XXXPalomino Drive, Warren, Michigan Equity Approx 38,000
2. 11XX Emerald Forest Lane, Davison, Michigan Equity Approx 43,000
3. 81X Ewing Avenue South Bend Indiana Equity Approx 21,000
4. 62XX Dalton Street Spring Hill, Florida Equity Approx 66,000

Without my website, none of these deals would have been possible.

Thank you again for all of your help with Hernando Home Buyers and with our new site Instant Real Estate Wealth. You and your staff are the only people on the internet that I can say I actually enjoy doing business with. Your company offers true professionalism in every sense of the word at a very fair price.

Rick, Louisa & David Reichmann
Hernando Home Buyers

...By the way, you guys have the best response and technical support I have ever seen in my life. It is a great pleasure working with you.

John Visser
Atlanta, Georgia

I'm very impressed with your product and your service. I'm coming away from a 25 year career in IT and I know good stuff when I see it. Yours is good. Very good. And the service is top notch.

Thanks for the website Lynn. It's absolutely refreshing to see such quality.

Larry Whittington
Alpharetta, Georgia

Dear Lynn, just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff. InvestorPro.com is, by far, the most customer-oriented website company that we have ever dealt with. You have now created several sites for us and InvestorPro.com has done an awesome job during the entire process. Never have we been given such prompt attention to our requests. The finished websites were exactly what we wanted and I am 100% satisfied with the result. You guys are the Best! Thanks again!

Mike King

I just wanted to thank you and give you an update on how the website is working for me. A little more than a month into this, I have a contract on a piece of property as a result of a lead. The profit should pay for my fees for many, many years ( 8-12 years to be exact). The good news is, I have to do very little to the property. It's almost a wholesale situation.

Although this is my only sale so far, I have also met several interesting contacts as a result of the leads: An out of town RE investment company, a local new home builder, and I have a couple leads on people that I can simply just list their house for them on the market.

Thanks again,
Pat Peterson
St. Louis Missouri

Hey Guys,

Feel free to use my name and testimonial. I received my first email response from my website in just a couple of days after having it up and running and closed on the deal in one week. I am convinced that without the website that this person would not have called me to setup an appointment to buy their house. This one deal has paid for my website many, many, many times over. I'm glad that I was made aware of your service. Thank you guys....and gals for your help.

I use my web address on all my letterhead, mailings and business correspondence. It builds instant creditability. If you do not have a website in this business you are missing the boat...especially if you advertise in news print.

All the Best,
Vernon Wilkins
Successful House Solutions, Inc.


What can I say, thank you so much for taking the time to help us prepare for an event at a moments notice and in the midst of a Holiday!

I do really appreciate what you did. The response from your team is always fast and courteous, this certainly was above our expectations.

We would like to communicate to you that since we signed on with InvestorPro we are able to fully take advantage of all leads that come in thus making us more profitable. Please feel free to use us as a referral for anyone who is not certain of the cost, it has repaid us over and over.

With Regards,
Joe Scripa
Great Properties of CNY, LLC

Lynn: You are something else, my friend. I am extremely pleased with my decision to participate in your program.  A lady in my real estate group mentioned that she looked into joining you and learned that I have the counties she was interested in. Boy am I lucky for making that decision when I did. I appreciate your working with me.

Best wishes,
Bill Reau

Just thought I would tell you the new website is phenomenal! It gives me the instant leverage I need against the other investors in the area. Just one other investor has a website listed in the paper, and my website puts it to shame!!!  I find that people feel more at ease gathering info on a company from a website...and while they are there, they can fill out the property questionnaire, which saves me time. Not to mention, I am now (visually) a partner in a large group of investors (Mr. Seller, if I don't have the answer, I bet one of my partners does)!!!

All in all, it saves me time...and its about to make me a lot of money!

Thanks a Million,
JR Nelson

Your website is awesome. A professional web appearance puts the icing on the cake when it comes to marketing. This is not a run of the mill website that looks like some "wanna-be" handy man made it, this is a top of the line web program that gives you all the ammunition you need as a professional investor. I am just mad that I took so long to get plugged in. I give out the different websites names at random; almost all the people I met smiled and said "hey that's easy to remember." I even call all my current clients and told them to fill out the information on the site just for kicks. I am proud to be an affiliate and glad to be accepted into this profitable program.

Best regards,
Cardiff Y. Howell
New York

The response from the website is amazing!! I added it to my major newspaper ad and I'm getting calls left and right now. I'm flabbergasted!! And Happy!!

Laura Duncan

A few of the sellers I've spoken w/ so far have told me they called me only after verifying I was "for real" by checking out the site. It's great to know I have a complete "virtual brochure" out there describing who I am, what I do and most importantly how I can help them.

Michael Gusich

I appreciate the great customer service!I am very happy with the site, it is what I needed to jump start my marketing. I am getting leads already.

Gary DeAngelis

I have been a practicing and constant real estate investor for about 3 years now. In all this time, I have devoured almost any learning program out there, been to numerous boot camps and workshops. I can say that I am technically savvy when it comes to all the flowery ways of purchasing property at a discount and selling for profit.

The missing link had always been a comprehensive and more practical way to create a funnel of eager and motivated sellers calling me to buy their property.

Then comes Lynn and his Soldin9days.com affiliate website. Since becoming part of this, we have experienced non-stop calls from motivated sellers of all kinds who found us through Lynn's powerful search engine maximization techniques and our own local offline advertising.

We can say nothing but FANTASTIC. If you want results in your marketing, go see Lynn!

Ken Odiwe
Beachstreet Properties, LLC

Lynn: I just wanted to say Thanks. Your feedback and guidance have been most helpful. I work best when others can provide their view. I appreciate your openness. As for your response and Web Changes your GREAT! I mean FANTASTIC.

To Your Great SUCCESS!

Thank You,
Don Gors
Home Solution 4 U

Again, I want to express my satisfaction with the website. It is professional & the content is perfect for any active, full time real estate investor. I feel like I have saved so much time and energy by purchasing an affiliate site with your company.

I am very pleased with everything. I want to tell you that Charlie Davidson from support was really great at handling the several details & issues that came up in getting my site set up just as I had hoped for. His professional & very responsive service throughout this process was wonderful. He responded promptly and resolved things very quickly, and I just wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure doing business with your organization. Many thanks, especially to Charlie.

Chuck Maahs
MDM Ventures, Inc.
New York

The site looks great, thank you very much. You guys have provided unbelievable service.By the way, thanks to the META TAG optimization, I now rank #1 or #2 on my keywords on all search engines.

John Visser

Boy! I'm impressed! Kudos to you and your team! The site looks great and I appreciate the speed with which you made the changes that I requested. I never expected, when I sent in the form yesterday, that I'd be up and running less than 24 hours later!

Please thank anyone else who worked on the site.

Terry Miller

Hello, I just wanted to say Thank you for your prompt and professional service. I am really excited about my website it looks really good. I already received my marketing book and have been putting some of the information to use already. This a great tool for real estate investors thanking for taking the time to put it all together.