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NEW Mobile Device Compatible Website Upgrade

InvestorPro is pleased to announce a NEW website enhancement for our customers. MOBILE DEVICE-FRIENDLY VERSIONS of your websites are now available! Our website templates can now automatically present a mobile device friendly version of your website.

Internet marketing is constantly changing, especially with the ever-increasing popularity of mobile Internet capable phones. Mobile users want to be able to search for and retrieve information quickly and view it clearly on the screen.

Companies need to understand how important it is that their website is readily accessible from a mobile device anytime and anywhere. This is especially true for the real estate investment business. You need to have the capability of presenting yourself and your services to both existing customers and prospective customers no matter what medium they are using to access your website.

With the growing number of people using mobile phones to access the Internet, it’s time to start gearing up your website for mobile access to accommodate the growing number of people that have internet capable mobile devices and want to access information while on the move.


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