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Some website owners believe that submitting their website to Search Engines over and over again will make their website rank higher in the Search Engine’s results.

Some have even taken the step of resubmitting their website to the Search Engines to an extreme by resubmitting their website several times a day. This idea never worked and never will.

In reality, submitting over and over again does not help rank your website higher within the Search Engines. Constantly resubmitting your website to the Search Engines and over-submitting the site will cause a red flag to occur regarding your particular website. This process is known in the trade as "Spamdexing" because you are in one sense “spamming” the Search Engines trying to be “indexed” in their database. In fact, they may even take action against your website and rank your website LAST on their list of web page results or even, in some cases, DELETE it from their database.

The simple truth is that once your site is listed on a search engine you NEVER need to submit it again, unless it disappears from the search engine altogether. The best way to get found by the search engines is to let them find you themselves by getting other sites, who are already listed, to link to you.

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