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Google has added an "aging filter" that is making it tougher for new sites to show up in their index. There seems to be a delay of about 6-8 months. I've checked with many site owners and search engine specialist and I haven't found anyone who's gotten a brand-new domain ranked well in Google. If there's a magic bullet, no one's spilling the beans.

What happens is that, as new sites get indexed, they appear for some obscure queries; they may appear at the top for a week or so, but then they drop to the bottom for several months. The page shows a PageRank in the Google toolbar, as well as backlinks. Everything else works fine but it just doesn't rank well for any terms in Google. Many times not even the company name.

If you have a brand-new site that isn't ranking well, stop driving yourself nuts wondering what you are doing wrong! Stop tweaking and changing things, trying to influence your rankings; until the site has been in the index a while, it doesn't seem to matter what you do to it.

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