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Don’t be fooled by companies who offer top search engine placement. The search engine industry is absolutely plagued with fly-by-night companies who offer things such as "Guaranteed top 10 search engine ranking for $xx.xx" or “Page one ranking in 7 days – Guaranteed”.

The guarantees from search engine optimization companies are blind and in most cases arrogant. No company can guarantee something that they do not have total and entire control over?

Search engine algorithms are ever changing. For example, Google's algorithm to calculate the search engine placement for pages in the returned results consists of more than 100 parameters. Every change in the algorithm can affect the search engine placement of your website.

It would be very easy for anyone to get a top search engine placement if we knew exactly what those parameters where and how they are weighed, but only the search engines know and they don’t release this information to ANYONE. Search engines will offer general guidelines and tips, but they aren’t going to let you see the inner workings of their algorithms.

It is the responsibility of the search engine companies to provide relevant results to their users. If they allowed their systems to be manipulated they would quickly go out of business.

This doesn’t mean that some companies aren’t temporarily able to fool the search engines, because it has happened in the past. However, search engine companies are becoming smarter every day and if they catch you attempting to cheat the system they will likely blacklist your site altogether.

It is obvious that it's easy to get a high search engine placement or even a #1 search engine placement for weird keywords or word combinations that nobody ever searches for. This is ploy used by some of these companies.


Every search engine will also use 'on-the-page' factors to rank pages based on their content and design. does not “Guarantee” search engine placement nor do we sell ocean front property in Arizona. does fully optimize each new site giving careful consideration to the on-the-page factors. Most sites are optimized with your geographical area in mind. For example, if you are in Baco Raton Florida and that is the area you focus on then we will take measures to see that your site is properly optimized to increase the likelihood that people looking for you in Baco Raton are more likely to find you.

We base our optimization on your answers to a Search Engine Optimization Questionnaire that you fill out as part of the ordering process.

This kind of optimization insures that your site is fully indexable and that we use the right keywords, titles, headers and HTML tags on the right spots etc.

After we have fully optimized your site we submit it to the major search engines. You then have to simply give it a little time. Some search engines will take months to include your site in their results.

Our Gold Plan customers will receive our Internet Marketing Program. To do really well on search engines and with your website in general you should follow the Internet Marketing Program that we send.

The information in Internet Marketing Program is based on our real experiences of getting our websites up to #1 and if you follow the program then you should do well. If you get one of our Internet Marketing Programs and you put it on the shelve to gather dust then you really can’t expect to get the most out of your site.

Work the program and you will be successful!

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