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So you think you need a Mentor. Let's see if you do..
Do you have the role of a Mentor and Personal Trainer confused. A personal trainer will call you and hold you accountable. They'll ask you what you did today and what you ate. The personal trainer will show up and scream at you to GO! GO!... PUSH.. ONE MORE REP.... JUST ONE MORE!! Nope.. one more! Do it now!

Most investors that strongly desire a Mentor really want a personal "REI" trainer. They're not looking for a true Mentor. Here's how to know the difference...

A Mentor points and give direction.
A Personal Trainer points and says, "Pick this up & give me 10 reps!"

A Mentor says "Follow this road. It leads to your destination."
A Personal Trainer follows you on the road and yells, "Go..Go..Go!"

A Mentor meets with you occasionally to discuss your progress & offers mid-course correction.
A Personal Trainer calls you daily to make you progress.

A Mentor says "Good job. Hard work pays off."
A Personal Trainer screams "WORK.. WORK.. WORK.."

A Mentor holds his values & morals in high regard.
A Personal Trainer holds your hand every rep of the way.

A Mentor gives you advice learned by experience.
A Personal Trainer gives you a routine learned from an infomercial.

A Mentor gives you knowledge and leverage to create wealth.
A Personal Trainer gives you a payment schedule that'll cost you a fortune.

A Mentor is not a teacher but more like a grandparent to share valuable experiences.
A Personal Trainer is not a teacher but more like a babysitter.

A Mentor says "Follow this path and clear your mind."
A Personal Trainer says, "Will your check clear?"

A Mentor offers the map that leads to your goal.
A Personal Trainer offers a map that leads to their bank account. .

A Mentor says, "Invest in yourself."
A Personal Trainer say, "Invest in me and I can get you there."

A Mentor receives satisfaction in your achievements.
A Personal receive a check every week.

A Mentor looks to see if you have goals and character.
A Personal Trainer looks to base his goals on your bank balance.

A Mentor is not your counselor or therapist.
A Personal Trainer is more like your Mother-in-law on steroids.

A Mentor should not be called when you're depressed, unmotivated or seeking what to do next.
A Personal Trainer should be called when you need a kick in the pants.

A Mentor is guiding you through the roads he's traveled.
A Personal Trainer has never been fat but he's read about it!

A Mentors asks you, "How do you plan to contribute to your fellow man?"
A Personal Trainers asks, "Will it be MasterCard, VISA or America Express?"

You should not depend or request your Mentor to:

So, do you need a mentor or trainer?   Beware of some "Trainers" calling themselves "Mentors". They don't even know the difference. Follow the guide above and you'll be able to determine their true colors.

This article was provided by my good friend Matt Scott of Dealmaker's Cafe.  If you would like to learn more about real estate investment strategies and techniques that work then you should grab a cup of coffee and spend some time at http://dealmakerscafe.com.

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