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Many of you know that at one time I was a moderator on a popular real estate forum and recently one of my customers asked me why I don’t do that any longer. The answer is actually very simple and it boils down to time spent in my own business and with my family.

At one time I was spending about two hours a day answering questions on the real estate forum. One day I realized that it was seriously cutting into my business and personal life. As I often tell others to do, I did the math, and two hours per day added up to over 700 hours a year which is equivalent to about 18 weeks, or over four months of lost productivity. Ouch!

Why do I mention this here? It’s all about time management. Do you spend time every day on tasks that really aren’t beneficial to you? Take a look at my "DO THE MATH" chart below and see how much time it is really costing you.

Time Spent
Time Spent
Work Week
10 minutes 61 Hours 1.5 weeks
30 minutes 183 Hours 4.5 weeks
1 hour 365 Hours 9.1 weeks
2 hours 730 Hours 18.2 weeks

The math is pretty simple and can be viewed in multiple ways as well.  What if you came to the office just 30 minutes earlier every day for a year?  You just added 4.5 weeks of productive time by simply showing up a little early.

So, you would like to have some extra time with the family, or you would like to spend more time building your business?  Kill all of the time wasters in your life and make it happen!

NOTE:  I'm not saying that this is totally without costs.  For example, I loved moderating the forum.  You may love chatting on AOL or watching television.  You simply have to define your priorities and focus on what is most important to you, your family and your business.

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