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Free Example Contracts

Following are examples of actual contracts that are used by PCF Investment Group, Inc. in our day to day real estate investment business. These are being provided to you as "examples" to hopefully spur ideas of ways you can modify your own contracts to better protect yourself and to put more profit in your pocket.

We are always reviewing others contracts looking for little clauses and ideas for improvement.  We do however prefer to keep our contracts as short as possible so that they are easy to understand and easy to get signed.  It is not hard to end up with contracts that are so long that they spook potential buyers or sellers.  Remember, "a confused mind always says no" If you contract is four pages long with a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo then you are going to have a lot more potential clients saying either "no" or "can I take this contract to an attorney before I sign it?"

Download Files Here
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Download Free Real Estate Contract for Making Cash Offers Contract for making cash offers
Download Free Real Estate Contract for Selling for Cash or New Loan Contract for selling for cash or new loan
Download Free Real Estate Contract for Buying Contract for Deed Contract for buying using a Contract for Deed
Download Free Real Estate Contract for Buying Subect-to Existing Financing Contract for buying subject-to existing financing

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