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Stay connected with our new Social Media Property posting

Social Media is one of the fastest growing industries on the internet and we are keeping you connected with our new “Social Media Property Posting” feature. There are two new features that we have rolled out for your property listings. First is our BackOffice Pro feature which allows you to create a Craigslist ad directly from your BackOffice Pro account. The second new feature allows your site’s visitors and yourself to post your properties to Twitter and/or Facebook feeds. Let us explain each of these new and exciting features a little more in depth.

Twitter – The Twitter function allows you to instantly generate a link to your property as well as a short message, as long as it stays within the limits set by Twitter (link included).

Facebook – The Facebook function will automatically generate a link and allow you to enter a message (no character limit with Facebook) just like the Twitter posting will.

Craigslist – The Craigslist function will allow you to generate a professional, Craigslist compatible, ad that you can simply copy and paste to Craigslist.

Site Visitor Property Posting

The visitor property posting function will now give your site’s visitors an opportunity to create an advertisement for your properties on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. This new feature leverages one of the most effective marketing strategies, “Word of Mouth.” By allowing your visitors to spread the word about your properties we have given you yet another avenue to generate traffic to your website and ultimately more business!