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What the heck is that, and why you should care. Before we commissioned the design of the new Soldin9days.com site we wanted to know exactly what the normal person types in a search engine when they need to sell their house fast, or when they were facing foreclosure and needed help.

We commissioned a full-scale research study where hundreds of people where asked questions that were carefully written by professionals, in order to find the answers we sought. 

Results:  AWESOME!  We can tell you, with scientific certainty, exactly what people are typing in those search engines when they are looking for our services!  For instance, we can tell you what percentage of people would use the word "house" as opposed to "home" or "property" or "real estate".  The results were spectacular and the results were heavily relied upon during the entire design of every site we build. We know of no other investor who has ever gone to the expense of such an intense survey.

Now you can benefit from our research by joining InvestorPro.com! This is just ONE example of the lengths we have gone to in order to produce the absolute best creative real estate investor site ever!