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Attract pre-foreclosure prospects with a website

The following states are 100% sold out.
If your territory is not available, click here to be placed on a waiting list.

Prospects will only be ONE CLICK from your site.  By simply entering their zip code prospects are automatically taken to your site.

The main site at is designed to do 'one thing' and that is to persuade the reader to enter their zip code in order to locate the foreclosure specialist in their area.  As an affiliate, 'you' will be that specialist. Once a person enters their zip code they will quickly be taken to the appropriate affiliate's site.  From this point it is up to you to present yourself.

So, let's take a look.  To see an example of an affiliate site go to the main site by clicking here and then enter the word sample as the zip code.  You will see how the system works and how we have setup our personal affiliate site.

If you don't care to see how the zip code redirect works then you can just click here and go straight to our affiliate site.

Okay, hopefully you have taken the full tour.  Let me point out that we will gladly setup your site to be exactly like ours or we will be happy to customize your site.  Our site is geared toward buying property, but yours may be something entirely different.

As far as customization is concerned we can add, remove, or change pages, forms etc. We can upload your own photos etc.

Here is a quick list of the benefits of the site:

Following are our recent search engine results.
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Pricing is based on population.  Those securing larger populated areas will pay more than those in smaller areas.

One time setup fee: $495.00
$98.00 for up to two million in population
$50.00 for each additional million

First month of licensing/hosting is FREE!*
* Not valid with any other discount or promotional offer. Maximum $98.00

So how do you secure your spot?

First you should fill out the short form at the end of this page and pay your setup fee.

We will contact you and discuss your areas etc. and get the information that we need to get your site up and running.

Depending on the initial volume of orders that flood in, and on the complexity of your change requests, your site will be setup and fully operational in 24-72 hours.  First come, first served.

Once your site is up and running you will be able to review and approve of the site.  We will make any reasonable changes for you and if we can't make you happy we will cheerfully refund your setup fee.

ADDITIONAL BONUS: affiliates will be entitled to a 50% discount on any of our pre-fab real estate investor web sites.


Only one affiliate per geographical area. ACT NOW,
before your competition does.


Call us now at 1-877-444-9327 or Direct - 479-986-9158